2023 blockchian

1. The largest collection of material on solidity. Running through this article is a masthead task for every coder.
2. A voluminous summary of more than 300 articles, books, and research on crypto. Link: airtable.com/shr2ixMcHCXLjZ4M6/tblMsFhcoHFiDByGj

3. A repository with a huge list of resources on crypto and finance. Link: github.com/sambacha/compendium

4. 200+ tools and materials for ethereum developers (both beginners and experienced) Link: github.com/ConsenSys/ethereum-developer-tools-list

5. A fun free platform for learning modern cryptography. Link: cryptohack.org
6. A repository on resources that are designed to make you a white-hat smart contract hacker. Link: github.com/bt3gl-labs/Blockchain-Hacking-Toolkit
7. Resources with a web3 summary. On each of them you can find many guides, tools, and… anything you can find there:

9. Good curated lists of solidity study materials:

12. An article that takes you by the handle, walks you through the web3 world, and puts a bunch of links and guides in that handle. Link: web3.smsunarto.com

13. A selection of important research, tools, and guides for developers. Link: airtable.com/shrkgUGmZoQKML98w/tblx1ZHuo4glJq9Ct